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Optical 3D Measuring In the Quality Control Of Sheet Metal Products

Goals of the project

This project is a part of a bigger project called Levytuotteiden laadunvalvonta (Quality control of Sheet Metal Products). The goal of this subproject is to find out the possibilities to use machine vision and 3D measurement methods to detect the defects in sheet metal production. Limitations of different techniques and some measurement devices will be examined, too.

Status of the project

01.10.2001Start of the project
24.10.2001Research plan accepted
14.12.2001Existing measurement systems presented
22.03.2001Different measurement techniques examined, first test measurements made by Mapvision
Summer 2002Report written (in Finnish)
03-07.08.2003Results were presented in the 17th International Conference on Production Research (ICPR'17) in Blacksburg, VA, USA (Jyrkinen, Ollikainen, Kyrki, Varis, Kšlvišinen: Optical 3D measurement in the quality assurance of formed sheet metal parts)




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