HomoGr - Homography Estimation

Source points for homography estimation Target points for homography estimation (under projectivity)


The goal of this (sub-)project is to investigate 2D and 3D homography estimation methods for the needs of computer vision and image processing algorithms. The main goal is to produce new and useful information on methods which can be used to select the best method for a specific use. Homography estimation is currently needed in almost every computer vision problem since translation, rotation and/or scaling of objects and scene occure in all practical image capturing.


This project was established due to the needs of the following project:


Homography Estimation Matlab ToolBox V0.1.0 for estimating 2D homographies using point correspondence has been released.

Contact information

Joni Kämäräinen E-Mail WWW Project leader, research fellow


Source code

  1. Homography Estimation ToolBox for Matlab

Data sets

  1. For data sets used in our reports see the links at: the Evex project web page

Links to other resources

3D homography

Point-Based Pose Estimation Methods
Contains code


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