EVEX - Object Evidence Extraction

Example of object evidences
Evidences = image features = keypoints = interest points
Local descriptors = interest point descriptors


The goal of this project is to study existing and develop new methods for accurate detection of local image features aka object evidences. The detection of local image features is needed in the recently emerged object detection, localisation and recognition approach where image features (local descriptors) are separately detected and then "hypotheses" of object location and pose are searched based on proper spatial configuration (constellation model) of the features.

This project is a sub-project of more general project, OBJECT - Object Detection and Recognition, and the results will be utilized in the main project.

The current main objectives are: Approaches currently under investigation:


This project is currently carried out in the following sub-projects:
  1. SIMPLEGABOR - Simple Gabor features
  2. GMMBAYES - Statistical ranking of features
Old version of the evidence extraction method was applied in the following project:
  1. FACEDETECT - Face Detection


The proposed state-of-the-art image feature extraction method was accepted to be published in IEEE-TIP and the results will be published in the PhD thesis of Jarmo Ilonen.

Contact information

Joni Kämäräinen E-mail WWW Project leader, lecturer
Jarmo Ilonen E-mail WWW Post-graduate researcher
Pekka Paalanen E-mail WWW Post-graduate researcher
Heikki Kälviäinen E-mail WWW Professor


Source code

  1. -

Data sets

The following publicly available data sets have been used in our experiments:
  1. The Extended M2VTS Database (XM2VTS) (only colour still images used) (by CVSSP, University of Surrey, UK).
  2. The Banca Database (by CVSSP, University of Surrey, UK).

Links to other resources

Researchers working on local descriptors or other similar methods
Dr Cordelia Schmid (INRIA)
Prof David Lowe (University of British Columbia)
Dr Timor Kadir (University of Oxford)


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