Fusion of Digital and Visual Print Quality

"WYSIWYM - What you see is what you measure!"


The ultimate goal of the DigiQ project is to solve the unrevealed relationship between measurable computational and physical print quality features and subjective print quality experience observed by end-users.

This project is coordinated by the Laboratory of Media Technology in Helsinki University of Technology. The main project web page is http://media.tkk.fi/vt/digiq.

Funding:Research co-operation
  1. Tekes
  2. Graphic Industry Research Foundation (GTTS)
  3. KCL
  4. M-Real
  5. Stora Enso Fine Paper
  6. Mondi Business Paper Services AG
  1. Laboratory of Media Technology, Helsinki University of Technology (Prof. Pirkko Oittinen)
  2. Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki (Prof. Göte Nyman)
  3. Institute of Measurement and Information Technology, Tampere University of Technology (Prof. Risto Ritala)


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First results have been published!

Contact information

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Heikki Kšlvišinen first.last@lut.fi WWW Professor
Lasse Lensu first.last@lut.fi WWW Post-doc researcher
Joni Kämäräinen first.last@lut.fi WWW Post-doc researcher
Tuomas Eerola first.last@lut.fi WWW Post-graduate researcher


Source code

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Data sets

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