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CB-EnVision: Environmental Monitoring with Machine Vision


The purpose of CB-EnVision project is to collect information about the environmental monitoring in Lake Saimaa - Vuoksi - Ladoga - Gulf of Finland water area. The participating organizations will be recognized and the actions in monitoring will be studied. Especially we are interested in monitoring actions where the solutions are based on machine vision.

The project covers the corridor between South-eastern Finland and North-Western Russia. In these water areas there are many oraganizations utilizing the water resources and many organizations following the conditions of the water quality. In general, one can say that the natural conditions of the water quality should be maintained with respect to reasonable use of the water resources.

To achieve this it would be important to define what is meant with "natural conditions". Does this mean current conditions, the conditions 200 years ago, or the conditions which are accepted as an agreement between the industrial users, municipal and territorial administration, between the two states of Finland and Russia?

To get to an agreement the current conditions should be recognized and the monitoring procedures established. This project concentrates in these aspects which require research and whose solutions are in automation of procedures and measurements. The outputs of this project will be a collection of information as follows:

This project is not providing solutions for monitoring problems but just proposing research-weighted actions how to monitor the water area in an automatic fashion.

Actions in this project

During the project many organizations are contacted and their interests are mapped. These organizations include those listed above. They can reside both in Finland and in Russia. Especially we will cooperate with research laboratories in St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) since they have a longterm and wide experience in research in various areas of environmental monitoring.

The outcomes of the project can then be utilized in future projects that actually find solutions for monitoring problems.

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