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Active Networks research area has been introduced in early 1990's by several reseach groups. The OPENSIG series of workshops studied programmable networks for telecommunications and introduced open programmable network interfaces, service creation with QoS and separated network control from information transport. In DARPA projects the active network approach focused on IP routers where control and data paths were combined. The capsule model for carrying code was introduced as an extreme approach.

The Active Networks project seeks an approach to active networks that supports high performance while also permitting dynamic modification of network behavior to support specific applications and/or provide new services. The goal is to design and implement Building Blocks at Virtual Network Device Level of IEEE P1520 Reference Model allowing for "fast-path" optimizations while also enabling new services to be defined in software. The project comprises an overall architecture for the active network; application programming interfaces; and experimental studies of the effectiveness of active networks in support of specific applications and services.


Project meeting take place at IT department library every Wednesday 10:15.

Meeting with financiers. Results will be published on the status page.
Project report is available.

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Latest info restricted access - available for project staff only.

Reports and Documents

Research Plan 2002
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Project Report [2001-10-16]
Antonio Salueña & Oleg Chistokhvalov

Linux IP Networking
Antonio Salueña

Active Networks - State-of-the-art
Antonio Salueña

Research Plan 2001
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Contact Information

Valeri Naoumov E-mail  WWW  Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology
Oleg Chistokhvalov E-mail WWW Project Manager, Lappeenranta University of Technology
Antonio Salueña E-mail WWW Research Assistant, Lappeenranta University of Technology