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Visual Quality Control of the Vacuum Degassing

Goals of the project

The goal of this project is to develope and evaluate machine vision solutions for the vacuum degassing quality control. The final goal would be an automatic system which uses digidized images from the vacuum degassing process as a control data for the degassing system.

Status of the project

Project started
Project is started by professor Heikki Kalviainen, research assistant Joni Kamarainen, R&D metallurgist Kari Terho (Imatra Steel) and director Erkki Saarelainen (Finx Oy).
First pictures ready
First pictures from the steel plant vacuum process are ready.
Progress report 1
First results ready. More data still needed. Report(in Finnish)
Progress report 2
k-NN results and most of the NN results ready. Final report (thesis) will be finished during November (report bases on current results). Report(in Finnish)
Progress report 3
Thesis is ready. Work for the demo program will be started and also a paper for IFAC2000 will be in preparation.
Demo ready
Demo program is ready and installed into Imatra Steel steel plant. Read the manual.


This project is finished. Result of the project is a functional demo program installed into real steel plant, and two refereed publications in international conferences.


Initial report: Introduction to the vacuum degassing in the steel plants (html, gzipped postscript 33k)

Progress report: First project progress report (html, gzipped postscript 33k)

Progress report: Second project progress report (html, gzipped postscript 35k)

Master's thesis: "Visual Quality Control of the Vacuum Degassing" (finnish only) (html, gzipped postscript 1980k)

Manual: Demo manual (finnish only) (html)


Unfortunately we can't give access to the source code.

Links to other resources

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Contact information

Heikki KalviainenE-mail WWW Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology
Joni Kamarainen E-mail WWW Research assistant, Lappeenranta University of Technology
Kari Terho E-mail WWW R & D Metallurgist, Imatra Steel Oy Ab
Erkki Saarelainen E-mail WWW Director, Finx Oy

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