Finding the Right Context in Globalizing Software Development

What is RIGHT?

Several industry trends, e.g. industry globalization, outsourcing of software development work and mergers and consolidation of businesses have altered the business environment of software organizations. In addition, new ways of developing software have evolved. For example, many organizations use open source software, which have changed the economics of software business. Another example is that large software organizations tend to grow even larger and distribute and offshore their development and therefore they have to turn into more plan-driven methods and processes. On the other hand agility in development processes and methods have been emphasized by many researchers and practitioners. It is our opinion that these trends have profound effects on software organizations.

RIGHT (Finding the Right Context in Globalizing Software Development) research project examines this mixture of processes and methods in a real business environment. Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) acts in this research project as a partner together with South Carelia Polytechnic (SCP).

RIGHT Objectives

The objectives of the research project can be summarized as follows:

  1. To provide more understanding of how development processes and methods are dependent on the business context and its changes.

  2. Development of a theoretical model or a framework of contexts, which will characterize different situations and contingencies the software development organizations face in their daily work.

  3. To help and support software organizations in developing or selecting right SD methods and processes according to the changing business environment


Kari Smolander Project leader at LUT +358 40 5463 493 kari.smolander@lut.fi
Alexandre Bern Project manager at LUT +358 44 5233 869 alexandre.bern@lut.fi
Uolevi Nikula Senior researcher at LUT +358 40 5591 374 uolevi.nikula@lut.fi
Aparna Pasi Researcher at LUT +358 50 9286 213 satya.pasi@lut.fi
Antti Lehmusvaara Project leader at SCP   antti.lehmusvaara@scp.fi
Pasi Juvonen Project manager at SCP +358 40 5857 772 pasi.juvonen@scp.fi
Päivi Ovaska Researcher at SCP +358 40 5842 220 paivi.ovaska@scp.fi

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