Adaptive Reference Model for Software Testing Organizations (MASTO)

Adaptive Reference Model for Software Testing Organizations, more commonly known by acronym MASTO, was a software engineering research project conducted at Lappeenranta University of Technology in collaboration with Aalto University.

From Lappeenranta, participating organizations are Laboratory of Software Engineering and Technology Business Research Center (TBRC) in MASTO and from Aalto University, Software Business and Engineering institute SoberIT in SQUID. These two projects, MASTO and SQUID, complement each other and form a larger software testing project ESPA, which is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes) and commercial partners.

For short introduction to the MASTO-project, please visit the Introduction to project or Material subpages. Please notice that due to copyright agreements, we cannot offer free access to our publications, and therefore only have limited amount of resources available to the public in the Material-section.

More information regarding MASTO-project, SQUID or ESPA can be found by following this link to ESPA.


MASTO has been succeeded by the project called STX, which continues with the themes and concepts studied in the MASTO. The new project has a separate website, link to the page is on the top bar or HERE.

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