This page contains some software and datasets developed at LUT CVPRL.


DiaRetDB1 is a public database for evaluating and benchmarking diabetic retinopathy detection algorithms. The database contains digital images of eye fundus and expert annotated ground truth for several well-known diabetic fundus lesions (hard exudates, soft exudates, microaneurysms and hemorrhages). The original images and the raw ground truth are both available.

RTMOSAIC - Real-time mosaicing and 3-D reconstruction

RTMOSAIC project developed an online 3D-reconstruction pipeline, fed from a single hand-held camera. Camera ego-motion is tracked using an extended Kalman filter visual simultaneous localization and mapping (EKF-VSLAM). Selected frames from the video are processed by GPU-based multiview stereo (MVS) to produce point clouds with color and normals. Source code and data sets are available for download on the project page.

GMMBAYES - Bayesian Classifier and Gaussian Mixture Model ToolBox

GMMBAYES is a Matlab toolbox for learning finite Gaussian mixtures from sample data and performing data classification with Mahalanobis distance or Bayesian classifiers. Three variations of the Expectation Maximization algorithm are supported: the basic EM algorithm with covariance fixing, the Figueiredo-Jain clustering algorithm and the greedy EM algorithm.

SimpleGabor - Multiresolution Gabor Feature Toolbox

SimpleGabor is a Matlab toolbox for multiresolution Gabor filtering of 2-D signals (images). The implementation is intended to be as efficient as possible within limitations of Matlab.