Ms. Kan's defense Feb 24, 2022

Examination of M.Sc. (Tech.) Yelena Kan's doctoral dissertation from CVPRL

M.Sc. (Tech.) Yelena Kan from CVPRL will defended her thesis

Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Spectromicroscopy in Biomedical and Climate Research

on Thursday February 24, 2022 at noon in Auditorium 2310 of the Lappeenranta campus at Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT.

Professor Herman L. Offerhaus from University of Twente, Netherlands and Associate Prof. Tobias Weidner from Aarhus University, Denmark will act as the opponents. Docent Erik Vartiainen will act as the chairman of the defense (custos).

The dissertation has been supervised by Docent Erik Vartiainen and Prof. Lasse Lensu from CVPRL. The research has been funded by LUT Doctoral School.

The thesis is the 41st doctoral dissertation from CVPRL.


Researcher from Czech Republic

Dr. Radek Marik visits CVPRL from CTU

Dr. Radek Marik from Czech Technical University from Prague (CTU) is visiting CVPRL Dec 16-22, 2021.

Dr. Radek Marik will give a presentation "Collapse of Civilizations: Towards Measurable Assessment" Tue Dec 21 at 14:15 in 2411, will get familiar with CVPRL's research, and will scan collaboration possibilities.

Dr. Marik received a Ph.D. degree from Czech Technical University in 1993 about image segmention using region growing. Then he worked five years in University of Surrey at CVSSP, and later 14 years in the industry in Rockwell Automation and CA Technologies. In 2011 Dr. Marik returned back to the academic life in CTU.

Professor Heikki Kälviäinen is Dr. Marik's host.


40th dissertation from CVPRL

Mr. Garifullin defended his doctoral dissertation successfully

M.Sc. (Tech.) Azat Garifullin successfully defended his thesis

Deep Bayesian Approach to Eye Fundus Image Segmentation

on Thursday December 09, 2021 at noon in Auditorium 1314 of the Lappeenranta campus at Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT.

The opponents were Professor Jussi Tohka from University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Prof. Emanuele Trucco from University od Dundee, Scotland, UK. The custos was professor Lasse Lensu from Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (CVPRL). The research has been funded by LUT Doctoral School.

The thesis is the 40th doctoral dissertation from CVPRL.


Dr. Xin Liu joins the laboratory

Dr. Liu is a new Associate Professor in CVPRL

Dr. Xin Liu started as an Associate Professor CVPRL from August 1, 2021. The field of his professorship is Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

He graduated as a Doctor of Science in Technology from University of Oulu, Finland in 2019 and as a Doctor of Engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China in 2016.



M.Sc. Ola joined the laboratory

Ola Badreldeen Bdawy Mohamed started in the FASTVISION project

M.Sc. Ola Badreldeen Bdawy Mohamed started as a project researcher in the FASTVISION project. Associate Professor, Dr. Tuomas Eerola serves as her supervisor.

She has graduated from the degree program of Computational Engineering at LUT. Her specialization was Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.



The longest served CVPRL member retires

Associate Professor Arto Kaarna retires after serving more than 40 years at LUT

Asscociate Professor, Dr. Arto Kaarna is going to retire in July 2021. Dr. Kaarna has been working at LUT more than 40 years.

Dr. Kaarna's career started in the 1970s in the LUT computing center as a principal designer. Then he continued his studies and received a degree of a Doctor of Science in Information Technology. Focusing more on education and research, he became an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. Color vision and especially spectral imaging have been his favorite research topics.

Besides research, Dr. Kaarna has been very important person in education at Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (CVPRL). He has served for many years as the head of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition major, and moreover, as the head of the degree program in Computational Engineering (LATE). Dr. Kaarna has outstanding contributions to international education, especially in developing double degree master programs and organizing summer schools.

Arto has always been responsible, punctual, calm, and kind. We really will miss him!

CVPRL thanks Arto for outstanding contributions and great friendship!


Funding from Academy of Finland for the FASTVISION-plus project

The FASTVISION-plus project continues the plankton recognition research using deep learning

LUT CVPRL has received funding from Acacedmy of Finland for the FASTVISION-plus project: Life in the fast lane: Revealing high-frequency plankton dynamics with multi-device imaging and open-set image classification. The FASTVISION-plus continues the research done in in the FASTVISION project.

Plankton community ecology and ecosystem research is currently greatly hampered by the bottleneck of acquiring species-level information from the communities due to the slow analysis process with traditional microscopy methods. The FASTVISION consortium combines front-line plankton imaging instrumentation and taxonomic expertise of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and the computer vision and image analysis excellence of the LUT University (LUT CVPRL). The project uses digitized microscopy images of plankton provided by novel automated imaging instruments, to train image recognition software for species identification using efficient machine learning approaches that produce interoperable data across instruments and habitats. This big data of plankton community composition with an unprecedented high resolution are applied to experimental and field tests of key hypotheses in plankton community ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

The four-year project will start in September 1, 2021. The principal investigator at LUT is Prof. Heikki Kälviäinen and the project manager is Adjunct Professor, Dr. Tuomas Eerola. See the FASTVISION project page for more information.


Position of Assistant/Associate Professor available at CVPRL

Assistant/Associate Professor (tenure track) in Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Join LUT University and make future! Our campus locates in Lappeenranta, Finland on the beautiful shore of Lake Saimaa surrounded by green nature.

LUT Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (CVPRL) develops state-of-the-art methods, e.g., for medical image processing, industrial machine vision, and conservation of nature. Now we are looking for a new member to make a difference in scientific research and society.

Apply before January 18, 2021!

Further information and application submission: job description


New Associate Professor at CVPRL

Dr. Tuomas Eerola nominated to an Associate Professorship

Dr. Tuomas Eerola has been nominated as an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering since July 1, 2020 for the period of four years. Dr. Eerola has been working actively for many years in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (CVPRL). He has been involved with several research projects, serving as a project manager and a supervisor of many doctoral theses and master theses. Moreover, Dr. Eerola has been building an international co-operation with University of Texas at Austin, including research visits to Prof. Alan Boviks's LIVE Laboratory.

See more information at Associate Professor Eerola's webpage.

CVPRL congratulates the new associate professor!


Academy of Finland project DeepTimber started

The DeepTimber project uses the next generation digitalisation to study the optimisation of sawing

The DeepTimber project "Sawing Optimization via Deep Learning and Multi-instrument Imaging" funded by Academy of Finland started as a coperation between LUT CVPRL and the LUT mathematicians.

Sustainability and profitability of sawmills depend on their ability to streamline sawing processes, optimize the quality of end product, and minimize waste products due to suboptimal sawing processes. Increased efficiency can be for instance achieved by digitalization; for which many technical solutions already exist, such as automatic sorting and grading. As part of this project we aim at the next stage of digitalization, by creating an internet of things for full log tracking from initial measurements to the final product. Which will be supported by the main focus of this project on optimizing the sawing processes. Novel imaging techniques from multi instrument measurements will enable the creating of a digital twin for each log, and a virtual sawing can be performed to determine optimal sawing patterns and angles controlling the locations of knots and other defects. This will make the sawmill process more resource-efficient and will promote sustainability of the forestry sector.

The two-year project was started in April 1, 2020. The principal investigator at LUT is Associate Professor Lassi Roininen from LUT Uncertainty Quantification and Inverse Problems Laboratory and the project manager is Adjunct Professor, Dr. Tuomas Eerola from LUT CVPRL. The project partners are University of Oulu from Finland and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) from Sweden.