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 ===== Transport goals ===== ===== Transport goals =====
 From conclusions of [[reference#​ela02]]:​ From conclusions of [[reference#​ela02]]:​
 +  * Avoid erroneously triggering congestion control mechanisms on the fixed host.
 +  * Avoid the serial timeout problem on the fixed host.
 +  * Be reliable, by solving the problems arising from the lossy wireless links and their bursty high BER.
 +  * Can efficiently deal with handoff.
 +  * Can handle frequent and long disconnections of the mobile host.
 +  * Take into consideration the limited bandwidth and power scarcity of mobile hosts.
 +  * Use a dynamic packet size depending on the dynamic bandwidth available for mobile hosts.
 +  * Provide end-to-end semantics of TCP.
 +  * Preferably provide compatibility;​ that is, do not require any change in software on the fixed hosts.
 +And: Link layer should be used to establish acceptable error performance on communication and transport should handle handoff and disconnections.
 +====== More ======
 +Architecture:​ Loose coupling