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 Suggestion: every one network connections in comlab should go through PeerHood. Suggestion: every one network connections in comlab should go through PeerHood.
-==== Slight problems with Bluetooth ==== 
-Briefly: after PeerHood daemon (alone, no services or applications using the daemon) has been running for ~7 hours or more it either crashes (segfault or in latest tests assertion error in ''​CBTConnection''​ line 40) or starts reporting -1 responses from surrounding bluetooth devices and also errors reported by ''​BTPlugin::​Inquirythread''​ : <​code>​Too many open files</​code>​ and 
-<​code>​Device or resource busy</​code>​ 
-First could be result from ''​hci_inquiry''​ -function functionality,​ second could be from thread safety issue in BlueZ bluetooth library. For further information,​ see: [[peerhood:​peerhood_bluetooth_feature_and_testing|a possible feature found in Bluetooth library/​hardware functionality - incl. testing]]. 
 ==== Lack of test cases ==== ==== Lack of test cases ====
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 - [[wiki:​user:​julaakko]] - [[wiki:​user:​julaakko]]
-==== Genral bugs in code ==== 
-=== HasData() -function === 
-The function reaches end of non-void function in error situations although it should return a ''​boolean''​-value. Function is located in files: 
-  * line: 421 
-  * line: 257 
-  * line: 324 
-  * line: 353 
-  * - //fixed before// 
-- [[wiki:​user:​julaakko]]