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Windows Store Laboratory Project: From App to Publish

Period 4: CT30A9600 Research Methods, Laboratory Project, 5cr

From App to Publish: Learn to design, develop and publish for the new Windows 8 environment! The course helps you to learn to develop for the platform and enables you to try your skills at getting your first application published. The introduction lectures help you get the basics of the environment, help you getting started, after which there are regular helpdesks to keep your development process going.

There is a preset development environment in the computer lab 6218 and there will be help in getting the environment installed on your own computer. There will be licenses for both the development environment and the Windows 8 operating system available from Dreamspark.
In addition, the students will get Azure cloud computing credits for implementing their project. Towards the end of the project there should be Windows 8 tablet devices available for development and testing.


  • Course pages and signup opened (sign up HERE)


  • 20.3. - Signup open
  • 4.4. 14:15 - 16:00 @ 6218 - The introduction lectures
  • 11.4. 14:15 - 15:00 @ 6218 - Getting started helpdesk and optional operating system install event after 3PM.
  • 18.4. 14:15 - 16:00 @ 6218 - Weekly meetup and prototype presentations
  • 25.4. 14:15 - 16:00 @ 6218 - Optional meetup and helpdesk
  • 2.5. 14:15 - 16:00 @ 6218 - Final helpdesk, project presentations and app publication lectures
  • 11.5. 14:15 - 16:00 @ 6218 - Optional publication helpdesk (i.e. you got rejected - let's get those problems fixed and your app resubmitted!)

Course Material


Participation in all of the events, except for those explicitly mentioned as optional. Successful return of the final project. The course is graded pass or fail.

Requirements for the project work

  • Windows 8 Desktop app, that:
    • Provides enough useful functionality to warrant publication (for example: Bus schedules in Lappeenranta area, blog reader, a 2d space shooter)
    • Uses networking functionality (using a web service, collecting RSS feeds, messenger application, etc.)
    • Is sufficiently advanced if is not a networked app
    • Is accepted into the Windows 8 Store before the end of August
  • Writing a half to one page report about your software
  • Submitting the source code to the course assistant along with the report
  • Providing a link to the published app in the report

Other information

Technical and design support forums are always available at The course assistant will be available there and if you use the forum to ask questions instead of email, other people will also benefit from the answers.
For all other questions please contact Antti Knutas directly (