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 HTML 5 Game development - Learning diary of Tuomas Kujala HTML 5 Game development - Learning diary of Tuomas Kujala
 +[[courses:​html5_game_development:​tuomas_kujala#​0. Optional Javascript Crash Course|0. Optional Javascript Crash Course]]\\
 +[[courses:​html5_game_development:​tuomas_kujala#​1. Canvas|1. Canvas]]\\
 +[[courses:​html5_game_development:​tuomas_kujala#​2. Atlases|2. Atlases]]\\
 +[[courses:​html5_game_development:​tuomas_kujala#​3. Input|3. Input]]\\
 +[[courses:​html5_game_development:​tuomas_kujala#​4. Entities|4. Entities]]
 ====== 0. Optional Javascript Crash Course ====== ====== 0. Optional Javascript Crash Course ======
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 **Sixth task (Keyboard firing)** **Sixth task (Keyboard firing)**
   * A bit too easy copy-paste task.   * A bit too easy copy-paste task.
 +====== 4. Entities ======
 +Class completed 17.3.2013
 +**General thoughts**
 +  * What is an entity? Hmm.. don't remember it being discussed in this consept. Now I now, though. This class handles a lot of actual game play logic in small steps. So in that light this is a nice way of learning the big picture, piece by piece. The tasks themselves were pretty easy (except for the last two). Learned about what entities are and how they are created and controlled. In practice, learned how to use factories to create dynamic objects in javascript. Also learned a new way to loop arrays in javascript. **Total time elapsed: 2 hours**
 +  * Data driven desing is very familiar to me from work. Very important not to hard code file paths etc. but use parameter files instead.
 +**Tasks 2-4** 
 +  * Tasks were fairly easy. Using factory is new stuff for me, had some syntax problems there.
 +  ​
 +**Tasks 5-7**
 +  * Easy tasks, nothing new here.
 +  ​
 +**Tasks 8-10**
 +  * **Defer killing entities:** Easy task.
 +  * **Entity render class:** Seemed easy, passed the test with a blank draw function. After looking at the answer I realized I should'​ve used the "​drawSprite"​ function we did before. I had no recollection of a "​drawSprite"​ funtion.
 +  * **Implementing Z-ordering:​** Some exotic javascript here, at least for me. No idea what bucketing is. The "​entities_bucketed_by_zIndex"​ variable messed me up with the curly brackets... Yeah, it's a multi dimensional array. Solved with a little help from the Google guys.