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Present: The game I'm currently developing is remniscient of old DOS classic: Slick 'n Slide. It's top-view racing game with two players. In the first version (or demo), you have only one map to drive on. Currently you cannot 'win', since I thought it to be irrelevant until I can implement other needed features. Player 1 drives with arrow keys and Player 2 uses WASD. You also have four different music pieces for listening while driving. The music is supplied from free indie resources as my Midi-keyboard got broken. You can change music with 1-4 buttons and volume with + and -. You are shown which song is currently playing.

Future: A realistic plan for the future is a game where I have three or four maps with several players. Players compete in cup where winner gets the most points, second next-most ect… The tileset and the environment could use some variety as well. Tracks need some variety and ways to hinder your competition(weapons, speed boosts, mines ect…). Finally I'd like to try to develop a working implementation for network gaming. I have some experience from the OOPT -course on network programming and network functionaly could be a good final challenge. I'm still bit unsure if it's going to work as I expect, but I can always try. Used resources: I've got license and literature for ImpactJS HTML5/Javascript - engine, so I decided to use them when doing my project. Udacity web course didn't get me to learning mood as well as a good book of Impact game developing. Udacity had few annoying submitting bugs which made me give up on it for a while. After developing with ImpactJS for few days I thought it could be a good idea to develop the whole game with it and see where it gets me. I could complete Udacity course when they have fixed the problems. I also used a tutorial for Asteroid game for Impact to understand usage of basic maths on object rotation. I've included the used materials at the end. - Impact HTML/JS Game Engine - Building HTML5 Games with ImpactJS: An Introduction On HTML5 Game Development - Royalty free music - Asteroid HTML5/Impact Tutorial

First week

Took optional javascript crash course to refresh memory. Had some problems with submit and different browsers.

Second week

Nothing much,I was busy with other personal matters (friend's wedding)

Third week

I was able to start working on the canvas course, but ran to problems with submitting and/or chrome browser(?)

Fourth week

Apparently switching to Firefox remedies some problems with submitting. That or the fact that they might have fixed the problems internally.