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 Time used: around 30 minutes. Time used: around 30 minutes.
-====== Game Plan ====== +====== Course status ====== 
-The game that will be implemented will be a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up,​ similar to games like Tyrian: http://​​watch?​v=THpa6POfjLo+{{http://​​screenshots/​Advance%20Your%20Education%20With%20Free%20College%20Courses%20Online%20-%20Udacity%20-%20Google%20Chrome_004.png}} 
 +====== Game Report ​====== 
 +The game is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up,​ similar to games like Tyrian: http://​​watch?​v=THpa6POfjLo
-Currently done+**Play** 
-- Adaptation of given code (Udacity course) +  * http://​​NoTyrian/​ 
-- Batch loading of assets (scripts) +  * Code: http://​​NoTyrian/​NoTyrian.tar.gz 
-- Input manager related to move and fire +  * Move with WASD, fire with Space.
-- Movement based on physics+
-Still undone+**Used resources:** 
-Graphics ​(Atlasing+  * Some code from the Udacity course. 
-Sound+  * Some code from the box2d examples (https://​​p/​box2dweb/​). 
 +  * Music by "​maxstack"​ (http://​​content/​through-space), edited and reduced to fit. 
 +  * Laser sound and sprites by "​Mumu" ​(http://​​content/​dark-moon-inc-stuff). 
 +  * Main ship by "Alex Pineda"​ (http://​​content/​basic-airship). 
 +  * Enemies ships adapted from the main ship by Elena Flores (http://​​). 
 +  * You control the main spaceship, using WASD to move. 
 +  * You can fire with space. 
 +  * You can get points by destroying enemies. 
 +  * Your hull ("​life"​) is represented by the green-red bar at the left of the screen. 
 +  * Your goal is to achieve the maximum number of points before your ship is destroyed. 
 +====== Academic Honesty ====== 
 +I, Pablo Caro Martín, with student number 0404489 and spanish National Identity Document 75171744Q, state that the whole software, but the resources specified before, is only my own work. The resources are property of their owner.