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0. Optional Javascript Crash Course

I already knew Javascript, so this lesson was not a big deal. I didn't need to watch the videos to complete the tasks.

Time used: around 15 minutes.

1. Canvas

Again, basic stuff. Not so difficult with a basic experience in HTML5.

Time used: around 20 minutes.

2. Atlases

The spaghetti code is complicated to follow and to complete. Some tasks were not helpful at all, while others were too easy o meaningless. Also, the comments were extremely annoying, as most of them were not useful, and they make the code even more difficult to read.

It was not a very helpful unit.

Time used: around 45 minutes.

3. Input

Very easy unit. Some interesting points in the videos, but really easy quizes.

Time used: around 20 minutes.

4. Entities

This unit introduces some useful concepts in game programming, as well as some good practices to have in mind when programming a game.

However, some tests were broken; and would accept almost any code, even if it was not correct.

Time used: around 45 minutes.

5. Physics

This unit is not difficult, some basic maths are applied, and some checkbox quizes (none of them specially revealing or useful…). The most difficult part was, again, using the given code and structures. In any case, not very complex.

Time used: around 50 minutes.

6. Sound

Again, some failure with parts of the code that need a bit of hacking around. In any case, the only content of this lesson were related to the sound structures of the code, and not to the actual sound playing, which disappoints me a bit.

Time used: around 30 minutes.

7. Asset Loading

This unit has some info related to online resources load, which it's really useful in online applications, not only in HTML5 games. Also, the concept of a “batch loader” is interesting.

The last task has several problems with the given code, and the fixes required are not supposed to be part of the quiz… Otherwise, an easy unit.

Time used: around 30 minutes.

Course status

Game Report

The game is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up, similar to games like Tyrian:


Used resources:


  • You control the main spaceship, using WASD to move.
  • You can fire with space.
  • You can get points by destroying enemies.
  • Your hull (“life”) is represented by the green-red bar at the left of the screen.
  • Your goal is to achieve the maximum number of points before your ship is destroyed.


Academic Honesty

I, Pablo Caro Martín, with student number 0404489 and spanish National Identity Document 75171744Q, state that the whole software, but the resources specified before, is only my own work. The resources are property of their owner.