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Karri Väänänen's diary

Here I report my findings as I go through the Udacity course HTML5 Game Development. After a few lectures I found myself skipping many of the quizzes and just checking the answer to make sure that my thought process was on the right track.


The first sprint - JS crash course

Time used: ~30 min

Sprint 2: Canvas

Premature performance considerations

For future reference: a standard if statement is better performance-wise versus the use of modulus in one of the animation methods.

Difficulties part 1

I had severe problems with getting the code tested. Only the submit button worked by magically letting me pass.

Time used: 40 min

Sprint 3: Atlases & Input - Where's the picture?

Skipped tilemaps, for now at least.

Big picture

I'm a little bit frustrated about how the quizzes hide the needed code. A quiz gives a task to use this and that class and not providing the source code of the class in question or not even appropriate documentation. How I'm supposed to know how to use these objects/classes without knowing anything about them? I'd like to see the big picture not just some parts of the program we're dealing with.

Difficulties part 2

Processing… still processing… ugh, y u no wok!

Time used: 50 min

Sprint 4: Input & Entities

I went throught the rest of the Input and the whole Entities section. No problems with the platform this time around.

Time used: 1 h 45 m minus break

Sprint 5: Physics

I liked this lecture for a change apart from the first three quizzes. Awesome to start writing the implementation from bottom up. The quizzes didn't just slam a bunch of random code to your face like in many previous quizzes. Instead, they worked nicely together maintaining the flow.

Also, I started to watch the study group recordings. Pretty deep. I'd encourage anyone on this course to check them out.

Time used: no clue

Sprint 6: Sounds & Assets

I went through sounds and asset loading sections quite fast again skipping some of the quizzes.

The project


I haven't quite yet decided what exactly I want to do. Probably I end up doing some sort of 2D shmup type game.

Progress so far

I have implemented some of the features presented in the course and managed to put together a premilinary engine. It has support for windowed and fullscreen rendering, controls, map and particles. Still missing quite a lot, mainly physics and sounds eg the game.


I got a lot on my plate right now so I'm not so sure I have the time to complete the game or attend the review meetings. However I may put something together the last week before deadline in addition to completing all those quizzes. Ugh.