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 Time used: 40 min Time used: 40 min
 ===== Sprint 3: Atlases & Input - Where'​s the picture? ===== ===== Sprint 3: Atlases & Input - Where'​s the picture? =====
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 Time used: no clue Time used: no clue
-===== Sprint 6: Sounds ===== 
-Time used+===== Sprint 6Sounds & Assets ===== 
 +I went through sounds and asset loading sections quite fast again skipping some of the quizzes. 
 +===== The project ===== 
 +=== Design === 
 +I haven'​t quite yet decided what exactly I want to do. Probably I end up doing some sort of 2D shmup type game. 
 +=== Progress so far === 
 +I have implemented some of the features presented in the course and managed to put together a preliminary engine. It has support for windowed and fullscreen rendering, controls, map and particles. Still missing quite a lot, mainly physics and sounds eg the game.  
 +=== Future === 
 +I got a lot on my plate right now so I'm not so sure I have the time to complete the game or attend the review meetings. However I may put something together the last week before deadline in addition to completing all those quizzes. Ugh.