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Day 1, JavaScript

Very interestingly, in full sarcastic sense, students should be able to read the minds of the creators of the course. The first JavaScript exercise required massive amounts of time only because it was not clearly told what the student should do. The instruction video described the exercise differently than the comments did and the way it actually was. Besides things like extra brackets are shown with the same error message as the all other things. There's like two dedicated error messages that do not describe the problem in the code at all.

The approach is intriguing, to mildly put. Shall carry on with the research.

Day 1, log addition

The second exercise is just as mystical as the first one. The code I did was completely different than the one in the example answer but it passed. I have no idea if I did it correctly, any better than in the example, if it matters what I really write there or is it randomized when a code passes.

Day 1, log addition, still surviving

In the first try the code from exercise three didn't pass. It told me that I should've called the onload function which call (and function) was already provided with the exercise. And as far as I understood it didn't require any modifications… What was even more strange was that on the second try exactly the same code passed without any errors. Just maybe it is because I used Firefox instead of Chrome? Please, let it not be completely buggy course. Not Viope all over again, please.

Will carry on with Chrome hoping for more understandable results.