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HTML5 Game Development Course Page of Gergely Zachár

Udacity Course

Under construction.. (2013. 05. 10)

Game Development

The main goal of this game is to learn the various technics for JavaScript and HTML5. Therefore all part of this game is written from scratch.

Current features and Modules

  • Image Manager: Contains and manages images.
    • Tile: A single image object. There are methods to draw it.
    • Animation: An animation object. There are methods to draw it and move to the next step.
  • Input Manager: Currently supports only keyboard interactions.
  • Sound Manager: Contains and manages sounds.
    • Sound: A single sound object. There is a method to play it.
  • Game Engine:
  • Physics Engine:
  • Player: The player entity.

Online Game

The goal of this mini game to survive a day as a hedgehog.

Current status

  • The hedgehog can move and jump.
  • There is a background music (looping).
  • There is some debug for the physics engine.

Comming soon

  • Shoot the trees with a spike the to get the cherrys. After they falled down the hedgehog can eat them.
  • Boxes and obstacles to “climb” with the hedgehog.
  • There will be more sounds when something hapening with your pet.
  • There will be some enemies. Aganist them the hedgehog can be trasformed to a ball.