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Gergely Zachár (HTML 5 Game Development)

Udacity Course

Javascript crash course

Nice. My firs experience with webinars. The grading system didn't work.

~20 minutes (when I gave up the grading system … )


Not so usefull but basic ideas. Other problems with the grading system.

~10 minutes


This was my “best” part in the course. I continously asked why should I do this? Any sense?

~2 hour


This was my first good experience, but just in theory of the game development. It was really useful. But the task again contained a lot of misunderstanding and errors.

~15 minutes


Theory of operation was usefull. The quizes was horrible again. “Do that, just because it's the right way”

~30 minutes


I was satisfied with the showed theory. It answered most of my questions before. The exercises was not so good again.

~1 hour


No comment. Continuous problems with the grading system. Nice from Google, that they prefer the webkit audio, which is not runing in Firefok and IE. But in the other side it was exciting to hear something from a browser code :)

~15 minutes (I gave up the fight with the grading system)

Asset loading

For me it was messy and unlogical. Sorry.

~15 minutes


I was really (more than) disappointed with this webinar. I regret to started this online course. I bet that no one tried the exercises, the grading system before they published it. It was not learning, just suffering. My other point is that “teaching” is not like: “Let's cook” “What should I do?” “Prepare the knifes and forks.” “And?” “Ok. It's enough”… Thaks Google.

But I really happy about dealing with some exciting HTML5 and JavaScript development. I started to read a lot of other materials and I also found a lot of good videos in this topic which are shorter and better in any how.

I also really happy about this course because this kind of learning is usefull but with better materials.

Game Development

The main goal of this game is to learn the various technics for JavaScript and HTML5. Therefore all part of this game is written from scratch.

Current features and Modules

  • Image Manager: Contains and manages images. This class loads the images asynchronously based on a JSON data, and store the created tiles and animations.
    • Tile: A single image object. There are methods to draw it. A tile object reffers to a part of an image in the ImageManager
    • Animation: An animation object. There are methods to draw it and move to the next step. An animation object reffers to multiple tile object.
  • Input Manager: Currently supports only keyboard interactions.
  • Sound Manager: Contains and manages sounds.
    • Sound: A single sound object. There is a method to play it.
  • Game Engine: Manage the operations of the game.
  • Physics Engine: Provides basic functions for creating physic objects and world.
  • Player: The player entity. Provides the business logic of the player.

Used artifacts

Useful sites

Online Game

The goal of this mini game to survive a day as a hedgehog. You can fulfill your hunger with different foods. Some of them are better than the others.

Current status

  • The hedgehog can move and jump and form a ball.
  • There is a background music (looping).
  • Hedgehog can shoot the trees with a spike to get the cherrys. After they falled down the hedgehog can eat them.
  • Boxes and obstacles to “climb” with the hedgehog.
  • There are some environment, like trees.


  • Better (more realistic) jump for the player
  • There will be some enemies. Aganist them the hedgehog can be trasformed to a ball.

Because the webkitAudio dependency you can play it only with Chrome.