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The article is about a highly advanced virus and Trojan that attacked the Iranian nuclear industry facilities. The motives were unknown, but the virus was identified as highly sophisticated and something that only a governmental organization could come up with. The virus is thought to be for industrial espionage or to deactivate the Iranian facility functions. The problems with these kinds of attacks are related to the ethics of what is right and wrong. If one country attacks another with a specific tool; then this same country invites the other countries, especially the one it attacked to come with same or even worse solution when the time is right.

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The article describes NSA's activities in serious privacy and data violation. NSA basically has the law on its side and full cooperation of any enterprise firm that it wants. The way how NSA is spying on its targets is by intercepting some firms hardware or software that is being delivered somewhere; tinkers with it with installing data intercepting hardware, firmware, and software.

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The article is about the Americans spying on the European governmental facilities through eavesdropping. The spying happened by tapping into everything NSA could find from the phones to emails. The level of spying depends on the categorization that USA gives for various countries. European Union is an espionage target with economic stability as the primary concern in mind. This kind of spying opens a distrust in the countries relations, not to mention that when one country breaks the de-facto and regulated rules and laws; they open a portal for attacks in their own countries.