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-===== Shortly: the task is implement a P2P file sharing protocol. ​ ===== 
-Below are needed materials for the project work: 
-  * See project work specification for requirements,​ testing, grading, etc: {{P2P_project_work.pdf|Project work specification}} 
-  * Gnutella protocol v0.4 document describes the features that you need to implement: [[P2P_gnutella_v0.4.pdf|Gnutella protocol v0.4]] 
-  * Gnutella Web Caching System is a non-mandatory bootstrapping system for Gnutella peers: [[P2P_GWCS.pdf|Gnutella Web Caching System]] 
-  * **Working in groups:** the project work can be done in groups of 1-2 persons. It is advised that you work with a partner. 
-====== Updates ====== 
-Any updates and changes to project work will be announced here and notified on the course main page.