CT30A6000 Communications Software, Protocols and Architectures

Course Information ⇒ https://noppa.lut.fi/noppa/opintojakso/ct30a6000

THE Schedule – Exercises, Project work, Times, Locations, ..

DemoProject work demostration time reservation table

Project work

Course News ⇒ https://noppa.lut.fi/noppa/opintojakso/ct30a6000/uutiset

Lectures ⇒ https://noppa.lut.fi/noppa/opintojakso/ct30a6000/luennot


Timetables ⇒ http://www.lut.fi/fi/lut/studies/tools/schedules/Lukujarjestykset/tite.htm

2010 Course Pages ⇒ http://edu.pegax.com/doku.php?id=cspa:start


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