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 +====== Exercises ======
 +At every exercise we look at the task at hand for current week. By doing each task in advance you can gain __**one**__ activity point. In order to get the activity point you have to __commit your work into course subversion repository__ if a coding example is used. Some subtasks are only "​theoretical"​ questions which you'll have to be ready to answer. The tasks will be checked out from the SVN right before the exercises.
 +At the beginning of each exercise you should mark to the list what subtasks you've done. For each subtask a person is selected to explain the solution and to receive criticism from others.
 +Another activity point per exercise comes from general activity (participate in discussions,​ comment the code others have made etc.)
 +===== Tasks =====
 +The implementation of the tasks **do __not__ have to be complete and fully correct** but __it would be good__, although __not mandatory__,​ if the code compiles and it can be demonstrated.
 +Code must be, however, __clear__ and __understandable__ by others. So it is preferred you use names that define the actual meaning of the variable/​function.
 +Put the codes into the SVN:
 +  * Into folder named ''​Ex<​n>''​ under your student number
 +  * E.g. Exercise 5 tasks go into ''/​0123456/​Ex5/''​
 +  * You can demonstrate all in one file or use multiple smaller snippets