CS30A7400 Software and application Innovation (Ohjelmisto- ja sovellusinnovointi)

Year and period: M.Sc. 2, Period 2

Suitable for the elective studies of the Communications Software and Software Engineering major students both in normal and international programs in Information Technology department

Suitable for the elective studies of students both in normal and international programs in in Industrial Management department


  • 11.19.2014 12-18 in room 4502
  • 03.11.2014 12-16 in room 4509


  • Professor Helinä Melkas
  • Professor Jari Porras
  • Juho Salminen

Learning outcomes

This course combines technology and technology management perspectives for cross-scientific approach in software and application innovation process. After completion of the course students have broader perspective on innovation process in some yearly chancing technically focused area. Students know how to innovate new meaningful software solutions and application based on some technology, what is the technical and business feasibility of the solution in domestic and international markets.


Innovation management, idea generation and opportunity identification process. (Open) business models and technology commercialization in global markets. Product and service development. Basics and use cases of the selected technology, user-centric design and privacy perspectives in software and application development. Suoritustavat

Modes of Study

Lectures 6h, presentation 4h, practical work (documentation) 16h, independent group work 26h Total 52h


  • Pre-course task
    • Read the following paper, The Discipline of Innovation by Peter R Drucker (paper removed by request of Harvard Business Publishing, Ilmari Laakkonen, 19.7.2017)
  • Course tasks
    • Class task - Gather together and discuss about the topic and your perspectives into open data and create the groups based on these discussions and common interest of the group. Do NOT create the group first but after the discussion. Select topics that are interested by people in the group.
    • Group task - Find and add open data references (papers, projects, web pages,…) to the following page
      • When adding a reference please add your group number in the end so that knowing who has put material to the pages.
    • Groups and their homepages
      • Learning diary
      • Documentation
      • Presentation



  • IT: Prasanna Kuchimanchi
  • IM: Robert Vazlavovic
  • IM: Iuliia Panova

Group1 page


  • IT: Raf B
  • IT: Ibrahim Olaniga
  • IM: Visa Ropponen
  • IM: Iuliia Panova

Group2 page


  • IT: Masood Maldar
  • IM: Mina Nasiri
  • IM: Mahdi Vahdanjoo

Group3 page


  • IT: Fabian Moreno
  • IM: Jesus Mario Verdugo
  • IM: Enrique Batani

Group4 page


  • IT: Prasanna Kuchimanchi
  • IT: Eleni Almpanopoulou
  • IT: Fahad Islam
  • IT: Alejandro Antillon

Group5 page


  • IT: ?
  • IM: ?

Group6 page

Example from last year 2013 Group1 page

Schedule and deadlines

  • Every day fill in learning/working diary: Tasks and how much time used
  • 19.9.2014 Class meets to discuss of their open data issues to find out who are interested in the same topic. After this you generate groups.
  • 8.10.2014 Related work done by the groups (outcome a list of open data sources used in other places)
  • 16.10.2014 Groupwise discussions (in 2512/2513 = Jari's room or the small meeting room across the hall)
    • Groups have identified their problems, know the needs and restictions of the application area, selected methods for working, have started their feasibility studies and have value proposition for their work.
      • 13.00-13.30 Group 2
      • 13.30-14.00 Group 3
      • 14.00-14.30 Group x
      • 14.30-15.00 Group 4
  • 29.10 Groupwise practise presentation
    • Groups have created their 2 min selling pitch and their full presentation
      • xx-xx
      • yy-yy
  • 13.11.2013 Presentation of your work
    • Groups are selling their solution to the lecturers and to the other groups (voting with red/green flags tells the success)

Course feedback

  • Feedback form in will be published in noppa