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-Open positions in Finnish universities (in a ranked order ;-) ):+Open positions in Finnish universities (in a ranked order, those not mentioned are not worth to try ;-) ):
   * [[http://​​fi/​current/​jobs/​|Aalto University]]   * [[http://​​fi/​current/​jobs/​|Aalto University]]
   * [[http://​​rekrytointi/​index.html|University of Helsinki]]   * [[http://​​rekrytointi/​index.html|University of Helsinki]]
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   * [[https://​​ajankohtaista/​avoimet-tyopaikat|University of Jyvaskyla]]   * [[https://​​ajankohtaista/​avoimet-tyopaikat|University of Jyvaskyla]]
   * [[http://​​ajankohtaista/​avoimet/​index.html|University of Turku]]   * [[http://​​ajankohtaista/​avoimet/​index.html|University of Turku]]
 +and other research organisations:​
 +  * [[https://​​public/​vacancies|VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland]]