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-[[itlab|Back to the #itlab main page]] 
-=====  Generating HTML-documentation ​ ===== 
-Go to http://​​software/​matlab/​m2html/​ 
-and download the zip package. The package should contain 
-subdirectories,​ so just unzip it somewhere. 
-To create function call graphs GraphWiz has to be installed: 
-http://​​sw/​tools/​graphviz/​ . 
-Check your Linux-distributions package repositories 
-for a ready-made package for graphwiz. Graphwiz is not required if you do not 
-want to generate call graphs. 
-The m2html tool assumes you have already Matlab-style comments 
-and documentation in your m-files. Remember the H1 line etc. 
-If the Matlab command ''​help somefunction''​ shows a nice 
-help text, you should be fine. 
-The tool is implemented in Matlab, so start Matlab and 
-add the directory to your path. 
- ​addpath somewhere/​m2html 
-Go to a directory that is one level <​b>​above</​b>​ the directory where 
-you have your m-files. 
- cd work/​gmmbayes/​src/​matlab 
-Now is a good moment to read the brief manual: 
- help m2html 
-Let's generate documentation for ''​work/​gmmbayes/​src/​matlab/​base2''​ directory: 
- ​m2html('​mfiles',​ '​base2',​ '​htmlDir',​ '​doc','​graph',​ '​on'​) 
-That will create some files and a directory under ''​work/​gmmbayes/​src/​matlab/​doc'',​ including 
-''​index.html''​. Open that in your web browser. 
-An example output of m2html may be found at http://​​s/​base2/​