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-====== Project home pages ====== 
-Project homepages are located at server and list of projects can be found at address [[http://​​project/​]]. Redirection from server to is active. 
-===== How to edit project pages? ===== 
-  - Membership for titewww group is needed, contact ilmari to get that. 
-  - Mount web server document root folder using \\\www fileshare. (available at /​net/​www2/​www folder at 
-  - Project homepages are located under project folder. 
-  - Make there own folder for every project 
-  - If you want your project to be visible at [[http://​​project/​ |project list ( http://​​project/​ )]] please add info.txt file on your project folder and write some information about project there: 
-    * First line: Description for project 
-    * Second line: Start date for project (Optional) (format YYYY.MM.DD or YYYY) 
-    * Third line End date for project (Optional) (format YYYY.MM.DD or YYYY) 
-  - If you want your project away from project list page, just remove info.txt file from project folder. (your project pages are still available, info.txt control only visibility for project list) 
-===== Web applications under project folder? ===== 
-It's possible to run web applications under project folder, but please discuss with [[/​admin/​helpdesk#​how_to_contact_ilmari_laakkonen| admin]] before you install it. Admin checks what kind of web applications you are installing because every application is potential security risk for our web server. Things to agree: 
-  * Is application secure and have active development process going on? 
-  * Who makes sure that security updates are installed if needed? 
-  * Who installs applications and how applications should be configured? 
-  * Database needs? 
-  * Is separate virtual machine needed for specific applicatiosn for security reasons? 
-  * and so on...