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Printing instructions

Printer support from computer center

For printing support please contact helpdesk by mail using address or call to number (02944)62580.

Linux printing

Linux printing is done through same print server what is used windows printing. First make sure that you have local account in your unix/linux with same name that your university account.

  • you can't print with root account, test printing doesn't work through printer control panels. Do test printings from normal applications.

General printing settings

Most Linux distribution have some kind GUI printing tool available which can be used to configure printers.

  • Print queue type: lpd
  • Print server name: (or
  • Print server ip-address:
  • Print queues name are same than windows printer names(please use follow printerqueue if multifunction copier is used)

All new multifunction copiers are now same model, Ricoh MP C4503, and should be used through “follow” printing.

  • Ricoh MP C5403 multifunction copiers, \\\follow
  • PPD file for Linux users can be downloaded here:
  • All copiers have following Optional devices: “Finisher SR3140” and “Lower Paper trays”, some of them have “Large capacity tray” but if you don't know, just left it unselected during driver installation. (it will work anyway)

Smaller network printers will be one model too, Ricoh SP 4510DN.

You can find active printer queues browsing to address \\ with windows workstation.

Direct printing to printers

It's not allowed, please configure your workstation to use print queues.