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FAQ MSDNAA - student point of view

What is MSDNAA?

MSDNAA is application download service, which provides free microsoft applications for students to develope their skills with microsoft tools.

KuWho is allowed to download software from MSDNAA?

All students and personnel of deparment of information technology. It doesn't matter if you need ones courses or not.

What kind application are provided through MSDNAA?

Every software listed at MSDNAA download service are free to download.

How long you are allowed to use software? What happens to license if student graduate?

You can use download service as long you are student. When you graduate, you can continue to use software with same rules than during your study.

Does this means that i can download every application from download service during my last study day and i can use these applications after my studies are finished.?

Yes, you can donwload anything during your studies and continue to use them after you finish your studies.

I just gaduated and want to start learn ex. sharepoint development. Can i get software from MSDNAA download service?

No, you are not allowed to download more software from MSDNAA download service after you have graduated. Better to download all you need before you finish your studies.

What i can do with software downloaded from MSDNAA?

You can use them for noncommercial study, teaching and research. (exception: mobile development tools)

If i have developed some project during my studies which can be turned commercial opportunity, can i make money with it?

Sure, you can make money with it. But remember that you have to buy commercial versions of tools used your project. Less than 3 year old company started by students can join to Bizspark program and can get comemrcial versions for free.

Can i use MSDNAA software in my own computer?

Yes, for that this program is meant, remember that license is personal.

Why MS Office is not part of MSDNAA?

Office use differs from other tools, students can get it with discount from address.

Wy we dont' have same tools available than for students who study at other school?

All schools have same selection of software available, but local administrators might have allowed subset for downloading. You can always ask from your MSDNAA admin to provide more software if needed.

I have a Mac system but i like to learn MS software development, how to do it?

You need windows environment for MS software development tools. You can either install windows environment for your mac as dual boot system or install virtual machine application to run windows enveronment.

I heard that students can develop new windows phone 7 applications and publish them free at MS phone application shop. how it's possible becaus MSDNAA does not allo commercial use and developer account costs something?

This is exception to noncommercial rules. Phone development tools are free anyway. You can get your developer account for free from address with same account you used at service. At dreamspark your account can be verified as student account.

Where is download service for our school?