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 dpkg --set-selections < list.txt dpkg --set-selections < list.txt
 apt-get dselect-upgrade</​code> ​ apt-get dselect-upgrade</​code> ​
 +===== Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and rdesktop cursor color problem =====
 +When using Windows server 2003 and later remotely with rdesktop windows cursor is black. Some applications are hard to use with black only. It can be fixed by installing rdesktop package with patch related to it. Download either of these packages and install it.
 +  * {{:​admin:​rdesktop_1.6.0-2ubuntu3ppa1_svn1593_i386.deb| Rdesktop package for 32-bit version of ubuntu 10.04 LTS}}
 +  * {{:​admin:​rdesktop_1.6.0-2ubuntu3ppa1_svn1593_amd64.deb| Rdesktop package for 64-bit version of ubuntu 10.04 LTS}}