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LibraryDB - Departmental library database

This database application can be used for making reservations and loans for books in departmental library. You can search library database without account in university, but to make loans and reservations you need to log in with university account.

LibraryDB web application

Searching books

You can use multiple words at any order at Book name, Author and keywords fields. Result list shows only first 200 match from search. Clicking book name from result list shows more information about book.

Login form

Use university account and password to log in.

Book reservation

Reservation and loaning a book are separate actions, first you make reservation for books and after that you go get books and make loan for it. You can reserve only books which are not already reserved or loaned by someone. Your reservation is automaticly removed after one week if you won't loan that book. You can remove your reservation manually using “Check loans and reservations” function.

You can make reservation to book directly from search result list, reserve button is visible only when you are logged in database application. If you press reserve button, you will be shown list of all books you have reserved or loaned at moment. Same view is shown to you using “Check loans and reservations” function. Reservation can be made from book information screen too, reserve button is visible only when you are logged in.

Loaning and returning book

You can make loan for reserved book using “Check loans and reservations” function, which shows all your reserved and loaned books. To loan reserved book just press “Loan” button from list of your reservations. Loan time is 2 weeks and you will get reminder emails from library application if your books is late.

To return your loaned book just press “Return” button from list of your loaned books and bring book to our departmental secretary Tarja Nikkinen, room 2408.

Action logger

All actions are logged and can be used when trying to track and find missing books