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Fileshares and backup areas

University provided network shares

These are regularly backupped network disk systems and provides best security for your files.

  • University home directories, 5Gb limit for personnels, visible through many server names ex. maaX and files-tite
    • \\\home
  • University provided department storage, 200Gb for whole department
    • \\\tite

Department level network shares

  • (regulus) provides fileshare for all laboratories. These shares are used only for project files.
    • \\\itlab
    • \\\comlab
    • \\\softeng

New file server -

Department is concentrating all information distribution services to new www server (, that includes file services too.

  • fileshare for linux applications ex. matlab, adobe software and so on…
    • Samba share is founded at \\\software - Common linux systems mount under /net/www2/software folder. \\\linuxapps is not used anymore

some guidelines for choosing your storage

It's fact that all storage systems might break anytime without warning. Departmental personnels have few options to choose when you think how and where you store your digital data.

Separate personal and work data

All computer resources at university are provided for work or study purposes, keep your personal data at home, at least do not store it using university resources. Examples of data which doesn't belong to university computer systems.

  • Music files
  • holiday photos and videos
  • Internet loadable media files

Choosing right place for your data is easier if you can identify type of your data ja sort it little bit.

  • Only meant for my eyes and nobody else is interested for them.
  • Project data which is available only for specified persons
  • Project data which is available to anyone in our department

Choices for data storage

location Amount Access control  backup level Location
workstation hard disk based on local hard disk capacity propably only you at your own responsibility NA
external hard disk based on ext hard disk capacity anyone who have access to ext hard disk at your own responsibility NA
university home directory 5GByte for personnels only you best1) \\\home2)
university provided dep. level fileshare 200GByte for whole department access control with university users and groups3) best4) \\\tite
departmental fileshares limited by server hard disk capacity access control with university users and groups5)  moderate6) \\\xxxx
1) , 4)
daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with system to restore really old versions
same folders are shared from many places ex. from maaX servers
windows users and groups
ldap users and groups
daily, posssible to restore files modified during last month