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-====== E-academy License Management System (ELMS) ====== 
-Software distribution system for department students and staff. This system is meant to help distribute microsoft software related to department courses. You can download CD/DVD iso images and get licensed serial numbers for software. 
-===== Who can use it? ===== 
-  * Students and staff of department of information technology can use delms download service 
-  * All licenses are personal and you can have one installation during same time. If you need more than one license per software, please contact Ilmari Laakkonen. 
-  * You download software trough internet and burn it to your own medias. 
-  * [[msdnaa faq| MSDNAA FAQ]] 
-===== How to use? ===== 
-  - [[http://​​elms/​Storefront/​Home.aspx?​campus=lapp_infotech | Goto our ELMS webshop and press Login button]] 
-  - You are redirected to departmental login page located our own www-server. Login in with your university account and password. 
-  - Your account status is checked agains ldap server information and if you are meber of student or staff group, you will get information about that. 
-  - Press shown link to go back ELMS-MSDNAA service. 
-  - Select needed software from shown webshop. 
-  - "buy and download"​ software loader applications,​ write down serial numbers for software if needed. 
-  - Start loader application(s) to download software (loader applications is windows software). 
-  - Burn CD/DVD image to correct media 
-  - install software and enjoy wonderful software products from microsoft. 
-===== What information is transferred to Microsoft? ===== 
-At login phase your account and password is checked against university LDAP server over secure connection. Following information is given to microsoft system at login phase: 
-  * User id 
-  * Confirmation that you are either student or staff working in our department. 
-When you download software from system, you need to give additional information:​ 
-  * First name 
-  * Last name 
-  * email address