discussion - plugin to include discussion area to wiki pages

How to use

To add discussion area to the bottom of dokuwiki page put one of following code lines at your dokuwiki page:

~~DISCUSSION~~ (adding discussion area)
~~DISCUSSION:off~~ (removing discussion area)
~~DISCUSSION:closed~~ (closing commenting)
~~DISCUSSION|Custom Title String~~
~~DISCUSSION:closed|Custom Title String~~

To get list of dokuwiki pages which contains discussion, use following code:


Ex. Show discussions from this namespace and sub namespaces.



laakkone, 2010/08/26 09:08


laakkone, 2010/08/26 10:31


laakkone, 2010/08/26 10:32


laakkone, 2010/08/26 10:31


laakkone, 2010/08/26 10:31


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