20th Summer School on Telecommunications

August 17-18, 2011
Lappeenranta, Finland

 Lappeenranta University of technology and  Lake Saimaa

ICT to support independent living of older people.

Life expectancy is increasing in future with proportional increase of older citizens. Ensuring welfare services and quality of life for older people will be a challenge. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are rabidly developing and will provide numerous possibilities for independent assisted living of older people to counter disabilities bring by age. Technologies and independent living aspects will covered in Summer School: Robotics, Smart Garments, Human Centred Design, Multi-modal Interfaces, Visual Image Analysis, Welfare Services, Security and Systems Communication.

The International Summer School on Telecommunications held in Lappeenranta is the oldest summer school in Finland in the area of Information Technology. This year the summer school is already 20th event arranged in Lappeenranta. The form, length as well as sponsors has changed along the years. During the summer schools, participants have been able to enjoy tutorials, learn about latest research and refresh their programming skills at Code camp, the programming event concluding the event.

Initial program of this years Summer school is available on the Program-page.

Note: Code Camp is during 18-19.8 2011 after Summer School presentations.

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