Real-time mosaicing and 3-D reconstruction


Pre-recorded input sequence

  1. video preview Interest point tracking, 3.6 MB, 21 seconds, 320x240 XVID, April 2008. SSD-score based template matching, that optimizes translation, and also accounts for scale and image plane rotation using the SLAM pose estimates.
  2. video preview Producing a 3D point cloud, 9.7 MB, 58 seconds, 400x300 XVID, April 2008. Off-line 3D reconstruction: EKF-SLAM achieves the required real-time processing speed, but depth map generation is too slow for on-line use.
  3. video preview From video frames to stereo, 15MB, 65 seconds, 512x384 MPEG1, April 2008. Off-line 3D reconstruction, the same as previous, except different rules for selecting video frames for stereo.

Live camera input

  1. video preview Monocular On-Line 3D Reconstruction, 18MB, 76 seconds, 720x576 MPEG1, aspect ratio 16:9 (non-square pixels), October 2008. On-line 3D reconstruction performed with a live hand-held camera. Uses multiview depth map inference implemented on the GPU, and produces a coloured point cloud.