Real-time mosaicing and 3-D reconstruction

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High Resolution Video Mosaicing with Global Alignment
Marzotto, Fusiello and Murino. Off-line method for mosaicing including superresolution and image quality measure.
3D modeller hardware
DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics
DLR CalLab
DLR camera calibration software: CalDe and CalLab. Actually works also for distorting lenses, and automatically. Includes hand-eye-calibration.
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods
Particle filtering
Visual Geometry Group
Robotics Research Group, University of Oxford. Demos, databases and code.
GPU-based vision algorithms, Graz University of Technology
General-Purpose Computation Using Graphics Hardware
Nouveau project
"Open Source 3D acceleration for nVidia cards"
"The Evolving, Distributed, Non-Proprietary, On-Line Compendium of Computer Vision"
Camera Calilbration Toolbox for Matlab
Camera calibration from images of a checker board pattern. See also DLR CalLab.
SLAM related code and tools publicly available
Dense multi-view stereo test images
Sets of test image sequences for multi-view stereo method evaluation. Radial distortion corrected, known cameras, ground truth available.
Middlebury multi-view stereo datasets
Datasets for evaluating and comparing multi-view stereo reconstruction methods.
ARC 3D Service
Web service for automatic 3D reconstruction from uncalibrated images
Patch-based Multi-view Stereo Software
GPL software and data sets by Furukawa and Ponce. Constructs complete objects, not just a single depth map.
SLAMDUNK - Visual SLAM Evaluation Framework
Uses POV-Ray to generate video sequences for Visual SLAM benchmarking, provides ground truth.
Point Cloud Library
BSD-licenced library for point cloud algorithms: filtering, surface reconstruction, registration, etc.


Stan Birchfield
Sensing 3D world, e.g., stereo.
Darius Burschka
Vision-Based Navigation Group at Technische Universität München, Informatics.
Michael Cheng
Computer vision research, links.
Andrew Davison
Real-time SLAM and structure from motion research. Software available.
Ethan Eade
Researcher in University of Cambridge, real-time monocular SLAM
Bastian Goldluecke
3D reconstruction
Andrew Hogue
3D reconstruction and SLAM
Georg Klein
Real-time monocular 3D reconstruction with an alternative to SLAM. Darth Vader slaying a horde of Ewoks.
Qi Pan
ProFORMA (Probabilistic Feature-based On-line Rapid Model Acquisition), for real-time monocular object reconstruction.
Marc Pollefeys
Real-time computer vision on commodity graphics hardware (dense stereo GPU implementation available), 3D-from-video, polar rectification. See also Sudipta Sinha.
Sudipta Sinha
GPU implementations of KLT and SIFT, high-res mosaics with PTZ-cameras

Stitching software from free to commercial

Open Source stitching GUI based on Panorama Tools
Web-site providing picture sharing and stitching service
Automatic image stitching software by Brown and Lowe (pages contain free demo)
Software which comes with Canon cameras.