Mobility and Services (MOSES) Project Report


Juha Koivisto, VTT

1 Mobility Management in Future Communication Systems,
Juha Koivisto, VTT

2 Resource Reservation and Service Quality,
Jan Lucenius, VTT

3 Using Process Priorities and TCP to Prioritise Flows,
Juha Koivisto, Jan Lucenius, VTT

4 Changing Priority of IP Packets and Splitting Traffic,
Jorma Jormakka, LTKK

5 A Method for Quality of Service Routing in a Service Enabling Middleware Platform,
Jorma Jormakka, Kari Heikkinen, LTKK

6 Performance Modelling, QoS Measurements and QoS Routing on a Middleware Playform,
Jorma Jormakka, Kari Heikkinen, Nikolai Kosminin LTKK

7 Push-caching as a Method of Reducing and Smoothening Traffic on a Service Enabling Platform,
Jorma Jormakka, Petri Heinilä, LTKK

8 Software Design Process for Distributed Services,
Timo Kyntäjä, VTT

9 Implementation of the Interface Navigator tool for the Telecommunications Systems,
Petri Heinilä, LTKK

10 CORBA OMG IDL and Protocol Service Interfaces,
Juha Koivisto, VTT

11 Supporting Software Mobility with Terminal Mobility Management,
Juha Koivisto, VTT

12 IPSEC and IKE with CORBA,
Jukka Ylitalo, VTT

13 Message-sequence-oriented Java Programming,
Juha Koivisto, VTT

14 Measurements and Comparison of QoS Parameters for Guaranteed-service and Controlled-load Flows,
Imad Ossaily, LTKK

In separate publication

Object Oriented Architecture for Internet Services,
Master's Thesis,
Marko Kelovesi, LTKK

Service Location in Distributed Environment,
Master's Thesis,
Susanna Mäkinen, HPY

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