Prof. Adam Herout from Czech Republic visiting MVPR

Prof. Herout from Brno University of Technology building collaboration

Prof. Adam Herout from Brno University of Technology (BUT) from Czech Republic is visiting MVPR during the Easter week, including Erasmus lectures, discussions with MVPR researchers, and planning his course in the LUT summer school. See the link "Computational Engineering and Technical Physics" on the courses page. for further information about the course.

Prof. Herout gave visiting lectures Monday April 10, 2017 about

Striving for Fully Automatic Traffic Surveillance

on the Computer Vision course as a part of his Erasmus exchange visit.


Traffic surveillance cameras can produce a lot of specific data. We are processing the data with the aim to fully automatically obtain as much useful data as possible: camera calibration, make&model fine-grained recognition, speed measurement and other things. Some things work, some things might in the future.

Scientific interests of Professor Adam Herout are in computer vision, videoanalytics, computer graphics, and real-time processing. He has published his research in many forums, e.g., studies on traffic surveillance in CVPR and ICCV.

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