Toni Kuronen's defense Dec 13, 2018

Examination of M.Sc. (Tech.) Toni Kuronen's doctoral dissertation

M.Sc. (Tech.) Toni Kuronen will defend his thesis

Moving Object Analysis and Trajectory Processing with Applications in Human-Computer Interaction and Chemical Processes

on Thursday December 13, 2018 at noon in Auditorium 2310 at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT).

The opponents will be professor Pavel Zemcik from Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic and associate professor Joni Kämäräinen from Tampere University of Technology. The custos will be professor Lasse Lensu from Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory (MVPR).

The research has been carried out in the COPEX project (funding by the Academy of Finland; collaboration with Visual Cognition Research Group at University of Helsinki) and in the PORLIS project (funding by the Academy of Finland; collaboration with professor Tuomas Koiranen's group at LUT). The thesis is the 38th doctoral dissertation from MVPR.

Welcome to follow the defense!

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