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We are looking for 20 open-minded game developers to pioneer the revolution in cross-game marketing! - Join in the Game Cloud

We are now launching Game Cloud beta and inviting game developers to join in. Experienced developers as well as student developers are welcome to join in. We are looking for developers who have their own game project and would learn new tricks with the other developers. What do we want to establish: Idea is that when you are playing a game you might notice (from some clue) that it would be beneficial for you to play another game. Beneficiary thing might be e.g. that you can earn a special item in another game and later use it in the original game you were playing. This is realized on such manner that both games store some of player's data in Game Cloud and then provides the info that user has an achievement that unlocks something in a game or games.

Who are we looking for?

The Game Cloud project seeks game developers of who have a game they want to publish soon. We welcome games of all genre and developers of all background to be our first testers. It does not matter if you are a hobbyist game maker or an experienced expert in the game business - variety will make the project all the more fruitful.

Why should you join: To provide YOUR game more visibility by linking it with the other games.

Is it difficult?: No and do not worry, we will help you! We will provide interface calls to interact with Game Cloud and match you with the other developers. We will brainstorm with the game developers what the actual interconnections could be.
We are offering:
A) Additional visibility for your game
B) Opportunity to network with other game developers
C) Opportunity to participate actual game research project
D) Opportunity for real INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION between developers!

What do I need to take part?

1)A game that is ready to be published soon (or already published but still in development). Games of all genre, platform and style are welcome - diversity is welcome and even encouraged.
2)A brief showcase overview of your game for the other developers to get a good idea of what your game is about.
3)A few hours of time and effort for coordinating, communicating and sharing with the other developer(s).
4)Time for implementing the references and advertisements that are planned with the other developers in your game.

How do I use the Game Cloud?

The Game Cloud system acts as a mediator between games and takes care of storage and transfer of game data. It standardises game related information and allows developers to easily collaborate in making their games interoperable through the service’s API.

To store and query game data from the Game Cloud all you will need to perform a simple HTTP(s) request to the REST-service. Inside the Game Cloud data is abstracted and processed into a standardised form. Developers can then use the service to ask and store information relating to their game, for example by asking if a player has gained a certain achievement or not.


Interested persons should provide initially:
A) Name and contact information (email, (Skype would be nice))
B) Name and idea/description of game(s) which developer would connect to Game Cloud
C) Idea how you think your game could utilize interconnection from some other game. This can be really the initial idea and we can work on the idea together! You do _not_ need to know to which game to connect to. We are collecting developers ideas first and then opening discussion to match different developers to co-operate.

Please fill in following contact form or contact Jouni Ikonen or Timo Hynninen

Contact forms:
In English: Form closed!
In Finnish: Form closed!

Associate professor Jouni Ikonen

Research assistant Timo Hynninen

Below this point the page will update as neccessary to archive old, gone events organized by our research projects.

Please observe, that some of the ongoing and upcoming events have their own dedicated pages, which can be accessed via Events/Courses menu on top bar or are at the top of this page.

Game Industry Open - Monetization, Branding and Serious Games, 12.03. @ LUT campus


Finnish Game Jam -intensive course @ LUT Information Technology January & February 2014 (Game Jam 24.-26.1.2014)

FinnishGameJam2014 Game Cluster - project will organize a code camp-style intensive course on game design and testing during the Finnish Game Jam 2014. Game Jam is a freeform-game development experience, during which a group of volunteers will design and implement a demo of a game in 48 hours. This year this event will be hosted at Lappeenranta campus by INIT, game developer club of LTKY, in cooperation with LUT School of Industrial Engineering and Management. Please notice, that you are also welcome to participate on the Game Jam without taking this course, but to take this course, you have to register on some FGJ site.

This page has the basic information since many participants cannot view the Noppa-service at LUT; if you are a LUT student, please also follow the Noppa pages for this course here:

Enrolling to the course

There are two ways to enroll to the course:

Students at Lappeenranta (LUT/Saimia)

are automatically included to the course if they register to the FGJ at Lappeenranta site via the official registration system. In addition, students from LUT and Saimia will receive their course credits automatically from their own departments. In case of trouble, contact jussi(piste)kasurinen(at)lut(piste)fi.

Students at KyAMK and other Game Cluster participants

can enroll by registering to their preferred FGJ site (for example Lappeenranta, Kouvola, Helsinki) AND by sending a notice of enrollment via email to jussi(piste)kasurinen(at)lut(piste)fi. Deadline for enrollment is 24.01.2014. Also, if you'd like to register for FGJ Lappeenranta, please notice the deadlines for site registration!

Please check that your study program accepts this course before enrolling.

More information on the event in the Facebook page here:
The registration to the FGJ sites can be done here:


Lecture day in January 17th 2014, classroom 4511 (Building 4, 5th floor, room 11).

1200-1215: Opening speech, how to get the course accepted
1215-1300: How game companies differ from normal software developers, Jussi Kasurinen
1300-1400: Working in the games industry, Jani Rönkkönen, lead designer from Seepia Games
1400-1500: How should I prepare for the FGJ weekend?, INIT

Finnish Game Jam 24.-26.1.

FGJ Lappeenranta site will be at the campus, the basement floor of the Student Union building.

Seminar day In February

The games developed at the Game Jam and the reports discussing the game development process have to be presented at the seminar, 20-30 min per group.

To take this course you are expected to participate on the lecture day (or have prior experience on game design and testing), actively participate on Game Jam as a part of some team and participate on the presentations. Besides the demo, your group is also expected to write a ~10 page report on how the development work went, how closely the demo matches the design, how it was tested etc.

Instructions for the course report and seminar presentation, FGJ 2014

By completing all of the mandatory tasks sufficiently LUT Information Technology (or your own department) will give you 4 study credits for the course "CT60A8000 Game Development Project: FGJ 2014" with grade "accepted" (H, or "hyväksytty"). This course is a code camp course, meaning that it can be completed several times, with all occurrences marked separately to the graduation diploma.

More Information

Finnish Game Jam Website
Global Game Jam
Project manager Jussi Kasurinen, jussi.kasurinen(at), +358 400 213 864
Professor Kari Smolander, kari.smolander(at), +358 040 546 3493


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    Game Research @LUT, 15.02.2013

    Open seminar on game industry and game development

    Lappeenranta University of Technology will be hosting on 15th of February an open seminar on game industry and game development in Finland. The seminars will take place at auditorium 1383, between 0930 and 1600. Free admission, auditorium will have approximately 100 seats available. Presentations will be held in English.


    0930-1000 Game industry in general; Jussi Kasurinen, LUT
    1000-1130 Finnish Game Jam 2013 student project show cases
    1130-1215 Lunch
    1215-1315 Game Industry startups, the reality; Jani Rönkkönen, Seepia Games
    1315-1345 How the game industry differs from the software industry?; Risto Laine, LUT
    1345-1415 Coffee
    1415-1435 Innovations and ideas; Alex Ahonen, LUT
    1435-1500 The tools of the trade; how games are made; Jukka Stranden, Octo 3
    1500-1600 Game industry as a business - marketing, publicity and branding; Antti Villanen, Nitro Games

    For more information on this event and game research at LUT in general, please contact

    Project manager Jussi Kasurinen, jussi.kasurinen(at), +358 400 213 864

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